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Xytec Clorox Lakewood (Third Periodic Review)

About every five years we review conditions at sites where some contamination remains to make sure the cleanup is still effective.

We invite you to review and comment on the draft third periodic review for the Xytec Clorox Lakewood cleanup site:

A 1990 investigation found soils contaminated with petroleum chemicals at the site. Ecology thinks the petroleum may have come from tanks holding hydraulic oil and waste oil. In 1993, Chlorox dug up 1,550 tons of contaminated soil and sent them for “thermal treatment”, which burns the petroleum out of the soils. Chlorox then filled in the area with clean soils and covered it with an asphalt cap. However, some petroleum contamination remains in the soil, under the cap. The site has what we call a "restrictive covenant." It ensures that current and future property owners take care of the cap and inform anyone leasing space in the buildings.

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